Best Torrent Clients

Zbigz review – Is it really the #1?

Zbigz is a torrent downloader that works in your browser and utilises cloud storage technology for its users. With Zbigz service you can download torrents ... Read More

Streamza review – Media player with torrents?

Streamza is a cloud media player that also has the capability of fetching torrents. They use their own client with own IP address, which protects you and ... Read More

SonicSeedbox review – Is this cheap seedbox worth it?

SonicSeedbox is an easy and user-friendly online Seedbox service, which claims to be for everyone and especially great for newcomers. The main difference ... Read More

Seedr review – Is it cloudy service or is it sunny?

Seedr is cloud downloader which is capable of downloading torrents for you from their IP address, which provides you with a layer of protection and ... Read More

Premiumize review – Premium service with torrents?

Premiumize has its name from a word premium, which means to symbolize a fact that it is a premium-only torrent downloader. As with any internet torrent ... Read More

Megabox review – Should you get your Megabox now? is cloud torrent downloader, which is there for you when you need to download a torrent. This downloading has two phases, and we call the first ... Read More

Furk review – Close community but no private tracker is a torrent downloader with a closed circle of users, which works from your browser. To access this service, you need an invitation from a user ... Read More

Foxleech review – Quick downloads but no storage

Foxleech is a torrent downloader. Its main feature is to download from multiple file hosting websites from a wide list of supported file hosters. The list ... Read More

Filestream review – is this keeper or leaver?

Filestream is a torrent downloader which downloads torrents for you, without any need to install any software other than your browser. This part of ... Read More

Cloudload review – Is it powerful enough?

Cloudload is a torrent downloader and cloud storage that works without a need to install any software, which fetches torrents for you. Fetching is a name ... Read More

Bytesloader review – Simple downloader?

Bytesloader is minimalistic and straightforward torrent downloader, which works in one single input element inside of your browser of choice. The main and ... Read More

Bytebx review – Quick way to torrents TESTED

Bytebx is torrent downloader that currently uses a label of cloud storage for business reasons. It is capable of downloading torrents on your behalf, which ... Read More

Bitso – Iran’s new super service? is Iran copycat of Bitport service on which we will look in this Bitso review. It is a torrent downloader, which can download your files for you. ... Read More – Anonymity with fast torrents? Online?

In this detailed review, I have put this service through extensive and intensive testing, to see, if their words about speed, service, and ... Read More

Transfercloud review – Should I join the blue wave?

It is my pleasure to bring a fresh look on Transfercloud in a task of reviewing its features. Please, follow me on a journey through the Transfercloud ... Read More

Torrentsafe review – Simple tool for torrents

Let me put Torrentsafe under the microscope and test all its features. On first glances, I saw their description of their service, which is Simple, Fast ... Read More

Offcloud review – Reach places with one service

In this review, I will put all of the Offclouds features under a microscope to find out if I rate them as a great or below average service. It is my duty ... Read More

Boxopus review – Easy Online torrents? TESTED

In this Boxopus review, I put their service under the lens of truth, to find out if Boxopus is fast and easy online downloader, or if these words are just ... Read More