Comparison of Torrent Clients – Who gets the throne?

Comparison of all clients - Bitport, Boopus, Transfercloud, Torrentsafe, Offcloud
All clients

Bitport (here), Boxopus (here), Transfercloud (here), Torrentsafe (here), and Offcloud (here) are the selected top five services I reviewed in their selective reviews. I gave them their rankings based on multiple tests, and I went deep into them. I also compared pars of these services (Bitport vs Boxopus, for example). And here I will compare them all.

Let’s see how these services are ranked based on multiple categories. I will start with download client.

Torrent Client

Torrenting is not precisely the same as usual downloading. It depends on two main factors. First one is this thing called seeds. Seeds are people who share the complete file back to the whole BitTorrent network. There is a direct proportion in play, with more seeds, the speed is faster. Without seeds, or with limited seeds, your downloading would become slow, and there is nothing that the service can do to make up for it. So I wholeheartedly recommend using highly seeded files. Fortunately, you know seeds before you even add torrent. All trackers list them (they are sometimes called “s”).

So, we have a file with many seeds, but what now? Then the download client comes to play. All services keep their clients secret because it is their core feature, and it is their main technological advantage over each other. But who has the fastest client? Let’s see it in this table.

Services5 seeds10 seeds50 seeds100 seedsP.t. 14 seeds
Bitport1,5 MB/s3 MB/s
15 MB/s
42 MB/s
2,3 MB/s
Torrentsafe132 KB/s390 KB/s 2,3 MB/s 7,2 MB/s 189 KB/s
Boxopus120 KB/s400 KB/s2 MB/s7 MB/s203 KB/s
Transfercloud 100 KB/s 1 MB/s3 MB/s5 MB/s 1 MB/s
Offcloud 76 KB/s 523 KB/s 2,4 MB/s 4,2 MB/s 400 KB/s

All test were done on the same file with similar seeds, and I have listed them by from the fastest one to the slowest.

Download Speed

Our next category will test these services based on their download speed to my computer, and a few selected locations all over the world. I alternated my position with proxies and VPNs, but still, this can be in some cases inaccurate because download speed is tied to so many factors I can not test.

Bitport has the edge over other services because users have access to a network of servers all over the world (from Johannesburg to Singapore), which ensures the highest possible speed. Yes, the rerouting might seem hard at first glance, but one click later you see all possible routes, and after another click, you maximize your download speed.

Unfortunately, any from the rest compared services don’t provide this feature. However, their servers seem to have a good connection from most places, but it is still slower than Bitport.

Extra features

Last main category covers all extra features. These are functions that are added over the core torrent downloading.

The first thing I will cover is remote connectivity to Google Drive. Bitport offers this feature, Boxopus does as well, and so does Transfercloud or Offcloud. Torrentsafe has no remote connectivity right now. Bitport, Offcloud, and Transfercloud have an FTP access point, and Bitport with Transfercloud also offer the more secure variant of FTP called SFTP. Transfercloud and Offcloud have WebDAV, but it is not encrypted right now.

Another essential feature is the streaming. Bitport has a native media player, Boxopus has its way of streaming videos, so does Torrentsafe. Transfercloud and Offcloud don’t have this feature.

Automatization is another thing at which I will look. Offcloud and Bitport are supporting the RSS. Some kind of sync client is provided only by Bitport.

Browser Extensions are a vital feature that makes our lives so much easier. It is an almost daily thing. You are browsing on the internet or your tracker, spending a few minutes with scrolling, and now you see it – the item you want. Without browser extension, you need to open your service in the new tab, copy and paste there, and that takes too long, especially in the office, where the boss can come at any moment. With the browser extension, you just click, and the torrent is added. You can see all the extensions in this table.


Let’s list all these features in another table, so you can decide who your winner is. I will select mine in the conclusion part.

ServiceAPIVideo streamingGoogle DriveSFTP / FTPServer network


All the mentioned details, all the information gathered in the separate reviews, and especially the feeling I gained from using these services, leads me to this conclusion.

All services are good, I stand for them, and I can see myself using them all.

Offcloud has great browser extensions, many functions that can help you in these niche moments, and very fresh looking graphics.

Torrentsafe is super simple. Like, I think I can teach my dog to use it. It is easy to download, and the speed is exceptional as well.

Transfercloud is magical in its connectivity. Name any cloud storage, and they probably have it connected. The torrenting is fast, and file hosting is a nice touch as well.

Boxopus is a cute little creature that has an attractive looking design with the friendly user interface, cloud synchronization, and cloud management.

Bitport is the winner of all these. It has many functions and features – nice interface, plus many things you discover while using (like the server network, RSS, sync client, music player or Android app). It has everything I could think of, and the feeling is so good. Believe me, this service is worth its price.