Offcloud vs Bitport

Offcloud and Bitport are both services that are liked by many, and from the time I tested them, I know why. But if we make them compete against each other who will win? Who will succeed at more essential points of this comparison?

My task seems simple. I take all the information I’ve gathered from their reviews (you can read Bitport here and Offcloud here) and with it, I will moderate this competition. We will start with the looks.


Let’s face the unspoken truth. No single soul wants to use an ugly website. It is embarrassing to pull old site in front of your friends or even significant other. Today’s internet is lovely, sweet and with less annoying banners.

So, who is more impressive? Logos are similarly good. It is a green anchor and white wave, but user interfaces is a different debate. Bitport is slick, complexity just one click away. Offcloud has a fresh spirit. But I personally prefer the more straightforward colour palette of Bitport than the crazier Offcloud, though this is my personal feeling.

Let’s jump from personal feeling to some hard data, shall we?

Torrent Downloader

Because nothing beats speed tests, you don’t want to use the slower one, do you? You want the faster torrent downloader. Torrenting is influenced by two main factors, which are seeds and the client. All trackers (sites with torrents) show some seeds specifics torrent has. Always use torrents with as many seeds as possible. It will save you a lot of waiting time and time in general. But some seeds are worse than others, which can easily happen if the seeder limits its bandwidth.

Torrent client stands for the exact technology used to download from the BitTorrent network. All wealthy services keep this secret because it can give them an edge over the others. You can see the results in this table.

Services5 seeds10 seeds50 seeds100 seedsP.t. 14 seeds
Bitport1,5 MB/s3 MB/s
15 MB/s
42 MB/s
2,3 MB/s
Offcloud76 KB/s 523 KB/s 2,4 MB/s 4,2 MB/s 400 KB/s

Bitport is obviously faster than its blue competitor.

Download Speed

This comparison is the hardest part of any of these resemblances. There are too many variables in the play. There are also many internet service providers with different speeds and limits, too many possible routes, and small things, that can play a significant role in the whole process.

The tests to my location were alright; both competitors proved that they could be fast. However, the most significant difference is that Offcloud has a one server farm. On the other hand, Bitport has a whole network, that can reroute your traffic to maximize your downloading speed. This fact is a significant point because, in places far from Europe, it makes an entirely new experience. Offcloud’s one server cannot compete against Bitport and its multiple server places. That is why Bitport is the winner of this part.

Extra Features

This part is about the rest. The connectivity, streaming, or anything other offered by the service, that can make our lives better and easier. The complexity of these services is something remarkable, and it is essential to state that both went over the usual limits to provide excellent packages.

Let’s look at connectivity first. Both services have the Google Drive sync. Offcloud offers to download to and from Mega as well, which is something Bitport doesn’t currently have. They both have FTP, and where Bitport offers stable and fast SFTP, Offcloud has WebDAV, which presently doesn’t have any of the security features it could have. Bitport also has an AppleTV app, App for iOS and Android, which gives it the edge in this contest.

Automatization is another place we will look at. Both services, fortunately, support RSS. Bitport also has sync client that automatically downloads all your content to your Windows PC. Offcloud can interact with IFTTT, which also gives you some possibilities. And both competitors have API for some advance automatization.

Streaming is smooth with Bitport because it has nicely done a media player, Offcloud sadly has nothing like that.

Extensions are a place where Offcloud has a small edge because it has its version for Safari and Microsoft Edge. Both services support Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. Firefox for Android is supported only by Bitport.

In the following table, I will state the winner in the following categories.

 APIVideo streamingGoogle DriveSFTP / FTPBrowser ExtensionServer networkExtras
Who is winner?TiedBitportTiedTiedOffcloudBitportBitport


This fight is not easy because both services offer a wide range of features that work in their favour, which I better covered in their own reviews. But here we see their duel.

In the previous paragraphs, we see their competition, and who is better at which category. I can only declare Bitport winner because of the faster speed, server network, and other extras. But Offcloud proved to be a worthy competitor, and if you liked it, nothing is saying Offcloud being the worst choice. I am merely stating that in all tests, Bitport has won.