Torrentsafe review – Simple tool for torrents

Let me put Torrentsafe under the microscope and test all its features. On first glances, I saw their description of their service, which is Simple, Fast and Secure, and it is my pleasure and duty to find out if Torrentsafe gets my recommendation.

Let’s keep this brief because I am thrilled to review Torrentsafe.

Torrentsafe - the main input

Torrentsafe Overview

My first moments with Torrentsafe simple design were full of exploration I did on their webpage. It felt like a space race. Its most significant PRO of their service is the simplicity. You press two buttons, and your file is on your computer. Another feature that I want to mention is that you don’t need any form of registration. Without registration and with your anonymous account bound only to your IP, you will get three files per month. But I will address that later. Overall the downloading is average and fetching speed is average. If I graded this service with school grades, I would give it C+.

I want also bring a spotlight on their file size limit, which is 10 GB for free user and I think it is a great one. If you are a premium user, you will have 1,1 TB single file limit, which is above average. However, there is still the file lifetime that I will get to later.

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If you read their FAQ, the number one question is What is Torrentsafe, and the answer claims that Torrentsafe is the top cloud torrent client by a selection of a renowned site. However, I could not find any proof of this claim online.

A great thing that helps newcomers is Torrentsafe youtube channel with explanation videos, which are targeted to show all the strengths of this service. Speaking of their strengths, I would like to mention that they localized their webpage to ten different languages, which is above the average approach to making customers life more comfortable. These are the languages: English, Russian, Korean, Chinese, Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Portuguese and Greek. I would add Hindi and Bengali because then they will cover the most spoken languages.

Torrentsafe - explanation of layering

Their webpage works most of the time flawlessly, but in a few cases I found out that the links (like Pricing, FAQ and About) do nothing. This mistake could be fixed by clicking on the rocket logo and going back on the main webpage. Let me address the speed of their torrent downloader after listing the pros and cons.


+ simple usage

+ beginner-friendly

+ streaming your videos

+ great Chrome extension


– no advance settings

– file lifetime

– no HD quality when streaming

– no antivirus scan

– the clumsiness of the website

[Torrentsafe] – Speed

If you are a fan of my review, you know what will now happen. Yes, we will look at fetching speed, which is average, and it takes several minutes to file to load. After this slower loading, the average fetching starts. I tried a torrent with a high amount of seeders and torrent with a usual amount of seeders. However, it took both of my movies around 14 minutes at 1 to 2 GB sizes to fetch. Torrentsafe doesn’t show its speed; however, according to my testing, it’s around 4 Mb per second.

The download speed to my personal computer was quick. I downloaded 1.3 GB in approximately 9 minutes, which is a solid speed 1-3 MB per second. I haven’t found any issue with downloading to Europe. However, the download speed in Honk Kong peaked on 1 MB per second. Similar results I experienced from India, South Africa, and Malaysia. I’ve measured these speeds with a VPN of my choice, so keep that in mind because results could vary. That is why I (as I previously said) would rate them as average.

Torrentsafe - video

Speaking of speed, I want to mention an issue I had with files with less than ten seeders. These files behaved clunkily, and sometimes even disappeared from My Downloads. That also happens if you refresh your page. Even their FAQ tells you to be patient because it sometimes takes a few minutes for a file to appear in My downloads. Speaking of My Downloads, let me show you their storage.

[Torrentsafe] – Storage

Torrentsafe is a cloud torrent client, which means that there should be a cloud for its users. Their storage is unlimited by its size. However, it is limited by file lifetimes. There are no ways of how to interact with your files. You can only delete, download, and stream a few codecs. But it’s impossible to create folders, to rename or to download only part from a larger file. I know that you don’t need to rename or operate with your files in your cloud with only a week file lifetime, but it would be appreciated.

There is not much to say about this storage. It is simplistic and without any advanced functions whatsoever. I find it great for the absolute beginners, who don’t care about storing their files. However, I want to point out, that none of the files downloaded via Torrentsafe has been checked by an antivirus, which could be a life-saving option for beginners to not damage their computer or phone devices with their new torrents.

I don’t like it when users settings don’t matter. You can press the “download automatically” as many times you want on OFF, but it will keep on changing back to ON.

Torrentsafe - FAQ

This simple storage has a few limits, like all other storages. For not overwhelming their service, Torrentsafe added the max size of a single file, which is 1 100 GB. This unusually high limit is compensation for a small lifetime of your data, which is at a maximum of seven days. That is a short time for storing your favorite movies. However, the main purpose of this service is to download, not to store or change. But as a contra-argument to this statement, Torrentsafe added a streaming option, which I will review in the next paragraph. Let me show you the streaming functionality of Torrensafe.

[Torrentsafe] – Streaming

Streaming is a feature that most of the users like, and which could heavily influence my recommendation. The media player which is used by Safe is as rest of their service simplistic to the bone. You can watch, change your sound options, and that is about it. I miss subtitles or quality settings. Speaking of quality, if you chose to stream, the quality of your video will be lowered. It should be able to stream almost any mp4 files or some of avi videos. Most of the time, my codec was not supported, and without any convert option, I was forced to download the file. The primary media window is quite small, but fullscreen works greatly.  Streaming works great for small devices such as phones or tablets.

Buffering speed was a surprise for me. Rewinding was almost instant, and I never waited for a buffer more than a few seconds, which is excellent. I can say that Torrentsafe streaming is more suited for phones than computers. With phones, you can benefit from their video quality settings because you can save data if you watch on travel.

[Torrentsafe] – Premium and Free users

Free user is anyone who stumbles upon their webpage because you don’t need to register. With your IP address, you gain access to 2 days of file lifetime and three files per month, which is suitable for testing but not usable for a longer-term. Another limitation of free users is 10 GB max file size.

Torrentsafe offers one premium plan with different time options. This premium plan gives you seven days of a lifetime that I mentioned before in Storage part. You will get an unlimited max file size, which is limited by 1.1 TB per single file and unlimited files in your storage. This offer can be purchased for a $5.69 per month, or for $39,96 per whole year, or a subscription for $3.96 per month. I also read something about their Quarterly plan for $12.95 per quarter. But how do I pay for premium, you may ask?

[Torrentsafe] – Payment options

Torrentsafe can be purchased via PayPal or Credit card as the primary option. But you can also pay with Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrencies through Coingate, and the list of supported Cryptos is long enough to cover more than 40 currencies like Ethereum, Litecoin, BitcoinCash, Zcash, Monero, and more. If you want to use subscription at Torrentsafe, you can pay only with your credit/debit card or PayPal. Paypal supports almost all countries, which is an excellent step towards to end-user. I also find a few resellers, selling these premium plans. Some of the deals on these resellers sites are better than official ones, which I don’t know if it is a scam or just inconsistency between prices.


The main and only one integration Torrentsafe has a Chrome Extension, which gives you an option to download any magnet/torrent link directly with one click. Therefore, you don’t need to access the website often. It doesn’t open a new tab, its fast and easy to use. But usage for free user is limited, and I recommend using it with premium service.

Torrentsafe - translations

It is also possible to download from Torrentsafe cloud via downloader manager. After downloading your file and canceling your download to your computer, you can copy the link, directed to the file to any downloading tool you use. I haven’t found any support for FTP or Google Drive synchronization, which are great features for workaround the file lifetime limit, even though these are not supported, it’s impossible for the end-user to customize his torrent download and storage.

I would personally enjoy having the option to add subtitles, but that is not the most requested feature.

Privacy and security

Torrentsafe claims to be safe and anonymous torrent downloader. They reach anonymity by not storing your details except using your cookies and IP address. Even when you have a premium, they don’t store your personal information. If you buy the premium version, you will get on your email a code, that you can use on the website. I am not aware of any account management options for users.

Security is officially provided by part of your Terms and Conditions, where they prohibit to download or use Torrentsafe as storage for malicious malware. But there is no antivirus check, that could be checking whether your file is safe or not. I am not a lawyer, but it looks like that when your computer/another device data would damage itself, and you turn on Torrentsafe support for help, you could be in danger of misusing the Terms and Conditions. For service that claims to be a layer of protection for end-users, I find a lack of protection tools built-in. I haven’t found any information about encryption on any data transfers. That could be a severe security issue in the worst case. And as I slightly mentioned before, Torrentsafe hides their hands in Terms and Conditions, which means that you are fully responsible for everything, that could happen.

I won’t say that Torrentsafe is secure because its security works only on words of promise and by saying that your consequences are yours to deal with. With these last words, I will rocket jump to the conclusion section.


Torrentsafe is a simple tool for torrent downloading. It completes the download, but you cannot ask for anything more. The fetching and downloading speeds are in average line, Torrentsafe is a faster fetcher than downloader because of a fluctuation of the download speed across the globe.  I would not hesitate to call them average fast service, which in my ranking is four out of five stars.

The storage and settings are something different. The whole idea of Torrentsafe is to keep everything simple to the bone. But at a few instances, this hurts the end-user. You don’t have any control over your storage whatsoever, and the lack of any more advanced functions (like renaming) is limiting. The whole usage is tailored for beginner to torrent downloading, and it is great for them if they only want to download. The storage is great, but a file lifetime could be causing a few issues to users. But the single file limit is above average, and it will allow you to download almost everything. Streaming is easy to use, but it’s too bad for a computer user.

Torrentsafe lacks integration tools that could help to overcome its difficulties. It would be great having an API to create amazing plugins, but the Chrome extension work flawlessly and I only recommend it. After my consideration, I give it four out of the five stars.

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The last look is always at security. Torrentsafe doesn’t store almost any data about users, which is great for anonymous torrent downloading. I would only add encryption (maybe via SSL), and it will be a five stars rating. But right now, it is a four out of five.

Do I recommend Torrentsafe?

The claim about number one torrent downloader is not all true, but If you need a simple tool to download a file, I would recommend it.

Torrentsafe gets its recommendation thanks to the simplicity and speed of their service. It has rating 12 stars out of 15.

The main cons:

+ Simple service

+ Fast download

+ Chrome extension

If we look on Torrentsafe in comparison with its competitors, its above-average downloader, but bellow average cloud storage. You can try its three files limit for yourself.