Best download torrents to cloud service providers

You are the one downloading torrents to a computer’s storage using uTorrent or Vuze. Am I right? If so, you should definitely reassess your downloading strategy as the following cloud torrent service providers I am about to introduce to you are very useful in several ways.

First, you do not have to take care of legality of your downloads because downloading through cloud torrent clients is safe and secured through IPs. In other words, do not expect any warning letter/e-mail from your internet service provider or any other legal department. Second, as you download files to the cloud, it is much more comfortable to access them anywhere and anytime you want using any device. And last but not least is the speed of downloads which is much faster than you would think it really is, but let’s take a look at the specific services to find out more of their great functions!

Best torrents to cloud services provides you with great user experience. Why? Apart from the features like security, speed, sync with other clouds/storages (google drive, etc.), online streaming and antivirus checker (ESET NOD32), your account is simply user-friendly and super easy to navigate.

1. Fast & secure torrent downloading
2. Full HD online streaming with subtitles
3. 20+ servers all over the world
4. Saving to Google Drive
5. Antivirus protection, FTP, RSS, plugins
6. Great technical support

BitPort offers different plans along with most popular 12-months plan where you can save up to 35 % (billed $84 yearly) and if you are not satisfied with the service, simply claim your money back within the 30‑day money-back guarantee period. main page

Same as other torrents to cloud services, downloading through TransferCloud is secured, it is faster, you do not have to install anything and you can stream online from wherever you want.

1. Secured & high-speed access
2. Multiple cloud storages
3. Perfect technical support
4. Simple to use

You can register for a 7-day free trial, where you get 3 GB storage to download 10 files maximum and as for the pricing, I have to say it is really diverse – you can pay from $3.99 up to $15.99 per month depending on the numbers of concurrent downloads, queue slots, and torrent size.

Tranfercloud main page

Offcloud calls itself a cloud-based download manager that is compatible with all kinds of systems (Windows, Apple, iOS, Android, etc.) and hundreds of cloud storages or streaming services. Security and faster downloading is taken for granted.

1. Secured & fast online streaming
2. Compatible with multiple cloud storages
3. User-friendly platform
4. Good technical support

The pricing is pretty simple. You can choose between a monthly plan for $9.99 and a yearly plan for $59.99 so in fact, you can save nice $60!

Offcloud logo


Torrentsafe presents a “Watch Torrentsafe in Action” video on their site with an emphasis on safety of your downloads which is not a piece of news for us right now. I was amused by the fact that this cloud torrent client declares “no registration required” but they want your e-mail address in order to upgrade to their premium membership. Anyhow, Torrensafe is another good torrent service provider with reasonable plans prices.

1. Secured downloading
2. Seeding ratio of 3:1
3. Online playback & Chrome extension

Torrentsafe main page

Best Torrent Service

Still wondering which torrent service provider to choose from? It really depends on your preferences. If you have never used any torrent service before and the only thing you need is to download torrents you should go for If you need to sync your torrent provider with more cloud storages like OpenDrive, Mega, Dropbox, etc. I recommend you try Transfercloud. Offcloud and Torrentsafe do not have as many features as Bitport or Transfercloud, but they have pretty competitive pricing. Please leave your comment below to let us know which torrent service you use and why.