Boxopus review – Easy Online torrents? TESTED

In this Boxopus review, I put their service under the lens of truth, to find out if Boxopus is fast and easy online downloader, or if these words are just a fog.

Boxopus landing page

To keep it short, let’s go right on review. Like all reviews on my site, you can see screenshot as a justification of my words.

Boxopus overview

As I have tested Boxopus, I liked their simple and user-friendly design, and I find their octo-mascot funny.  Speaking of design, one of their arguments for using their torrent client is responsive design, which, I would say, is greatly done, and works flawlessly for iPhones and Android phones. I tested on Samsung Galaxy S7, and iPhone X. However, their design doesn’t work with Blackberry well. Fortunately, it only affects a small number of users.

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Let me tell you a little bit more about Boxopus social media, which, I would say, are above average with their strategy and graphics. Boxopus created the Octopus (which I think they call Boxie), and all their post and tweets are in a spirit of the sea. I’ve read a lot of their posts and comments, and I must say that before they stopped posting, it was a lovely place to hang out. It is an unusual approach to communication with users, and I would say that users liked it.

torrents are managed in this dashboard
Connectivity of Boxopus

Boxopus used to allow his user to synchronize with Dropbox, and even today you can see Dropbox logo on some of the Octopus pictures. Sadly, Dropbox stopped supporting their API, which was a massive strike on Boxopus and many users quit the service. Fortunately, they continue with their service and Boxopus is trying to regain the userbase back.

Another thing that Boxopus does great is synchronization to Google Drive, which is a requirement for today’s users. Google Drive should work as the second cloud with better storage/price ratio. I recommend using their sync to Drive because 100 GB storage could be small for a lot of users. Also, Boxopus storage is unique in the cloud torrent clients market. I will describe it better in the paragraphs below.

I want to address speed as well in my overview. As I usually do with my reviews, I am going to split speed into two categories, fetching speed, and download speed. I can say that the download speed was above average. However, fetching speed was slightly below average. Let me show you what I’m speaking about.


+ responsive layout for most of the phones

+ refund any time

+ SSL encryption

+ fast downloading


– slower fetching speed

– not that active social media

– issues with Google synchronization


Firstly, I want to speak about downloading speed. I was located at Luxemburg, while I have been downloading all of my three differently seeded, but large-sized video files. The download speed was slightly above average.

Boxopus connectivity - Dropbox no longer works

But when we speak about fetching, it is a different story. I added three torrents, which two of them were highly seeded (around 50 seeders), and the third one was about 15 seeders. I waited for 20 minutes, which is slightly below average when I consider the size of my files. However, I tried one of the tips Boxopus has on their website, which is to add a file before train ride, and it was faster as the train ride as they said. But that is not a standardized test, which leads me to create my Torrent file to see how fast Boxopus is.

I used a small file (Gimp 2 installation.exe), to test the fetch and download speed. The results are below average, but they are bearable. I measured out the fetching speed of 0,3 MB per second, which I will keep in mind during the conclusion.


Boxopus storage is one of the undoubtedly unique storages I have ever witnessed. Your premium plan offers you 100 GB that you can use for your files. Boxopus doesn’t limit your data account, which means that you can theoretically have unlimited GB in files on your account. How is it possible, you may ask? It is, thanks to the fact that the 100 GB is bandwidth, not your actual storage space. This bandwidth is used every time you download, and it is restored at 1 GB per hour rate.

That means you can add one file with a size of 1000 MB every hour, and your “storage” will always be free. Boxopus does another important thing to your cloud, and that is giving your files a lifetime of one month (30-days). After this time, your data will be deleted to make more space for you. Using simple mathematics, I calculated, that you could have at maximum 820 GB per user (100 GB + 30*24 GB), and that is above average storage space. But if we add simple and friendly synchronization to your Google Drive, you can download this 820 GB per every month, until your Google Drive is full.

Boxopus and their view of security

However, from time to time, the synchronization is slower than average, and sometimes it drops down.

Something that also has my interest is the option to view downloaded files before download is finished. I can see what is inside my Torrentbundle, and I see great potential if they were about to add an option to pick what I want to download.

Premium plan and purchase options

These settings are the most current ones, but in the past Boxopus used to have limited storage spaces, and different premium plans, which is an excellent way of starting the next segment of my review.

Boxopus has a great premium plan, which you can purchase for one day, week, three months, or for one year. The prices vary. The one day of Boxopus premium costs 99 cents, which is an ok price for giving it a try. Week option costs $1,49. That is why I would recommend going for a week instead of a day. Another way of using Boxopus is three months plan costing $14,49, which is like ten weeks if you bought it weekly. Last but not least is the year option with a price of $49,99.


But you may ask, what I get from this premium account? Firstly, you get SSL encryption, which is a condition if you want to use cloud torrents. I cannot stress out how important is privacy and anonymity for us. Boxopus guarantees you complete anonymity. You also get an unlimited download speed, and unlimited files count. As I mentioned before, you get a 100 GB Cloud with synchronisation to Google Drive. I find this sync great because it will allow me to keep my files for more than 30 days, as I couldn’t keep without it. This file lifetime helps you not to clutter your storage, and most of the time, you won’t need them to store your files.

Payment methods

Let me, please address the payment methods right now, so you know how to purchase this premium plan. Boxopus allows you to use Paypal or Bitcoin as the anonymous payment method. Through PayPal gate, you can also pay with your debit card. The PayPal gate is easy to use, and it asks you before you pay so that you won’t pay accidentally. Another great thing is that all the information about your billing address and more, won’t be shared with Boxopus. So you will be almost anonymous for them.

Bitcoin payment is fast. I had my premium account in a blink of an eye. However, If you want a refund, you will have to send your Paypal account because Boxopus doesn’t store them, as they have written on their page.

Free Users

Boxopus has a free plan as a way of trying their service. As a user with the free plan, you have, however, some limitations. First one is the maximum size of the downloaded torrent file, which is 512 MB. This limit can fit a small movie with medium quality, or a bigger collection of ebooks. Boxopus also grants you a 10 GB storage for all your files, which is almost impossible to fill in thanks to the 50 MB per hour traffic recharge rate, and 1-day file lifetime. That means you can use your free account nearly all day long, and you will never have it cluttered with old files.

Snippet of Boxopus features

However, I would recommend buying the 1-day account because it is less limited, and you can use all features of Boxopus. And it is only $0.99 to know if you should pay more.


Boxopus wants to be as user-friendly as possible. That is why they added a Kodi add-on. With this app, you can stream easily, browse your images, or listen to your audio. Kodi also works as a media center for some games and more. The setup for this add-on is easy as they said. You copy your unique code to the Kodi, and you are ready to go.

Boxopus also makes their service easier for Android users with their android app. With this app, you can add torrents to your downloading queue, and download them directly to your device. It is a minimalistic app. However, I also would like to watch my videos through it. The only thing that could Boxopus improve is the link on their webpage because their app was removed from Google store, and due to that, it doesn’t work. Luckily, there are alternative options to find this app. I would personally recommend Apkpure. It would be nice if they added other OS as well like iOS.

Reviews of users

Boxopus also has a video and audio streaming options with their integrated html5 media player, which I would guess is a Jwplayer, and it’s capable of streaming .mp3 and .mp4 files. I liked how clear was Boxopus media player, and I would enjoy having the ability to convert my media to supported formats directly. There are some possible improvements to it like support for subtitles or casting the video to Chromecast and AppleAir.

That are all integrations of Boxopus, which leads me to the conclusion section.


Boxopus is a clumsy octopus in the torrent sea. His tentacles are great for downloading, but their ability to fetch is below average, and that is the biggest issue I have with Boxopus. I have tested many torrents, even used a VPN to alternate my location from Luxemburg to different parts of the world, and the change of downloading was a small one. Although I tried files with over 60 seeds, the fetching was still slower than I would appreciate. That is why I would hesitate to call them fast service. That is why I give three stars for speed.

However, if I address the difficulty of using service, I’d say that it is easy as they say. I have never experienced anything complex, and all settings are quite simple. That is an excellent thing for newcomers to torrents. Everything is done with simplicity, and the most complicated thing is to fill your data to PayPal when you pay for premium. I will also mention here how I rate their service. The storage is excellent, and streaming is effortless to use. Boxopus, sadly, lacks better integration tools, or at least an API for creative users. However, if I add bonus points for the funny mascot and friendly theme on social media, it goes to a fantastic five stars rating.

FAQ site looks nice

Lastly, I will look at security. Boxopus doesn’t store payment data about their users, which strengthens their words about the secured cloud.  All data transfers are encrypted via SSL, and there was never security leak from Boxopus. That is why I evaluate them with five stars rating.

Is Boxopus recommended?

I would say yes, but with a small hesitation. Boxopus earns a recommendation, thanks to all the arguments I have written before. It deserves 13 stars from 15 stars.

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The pros include:

+ Easy service with simplistic design

+ Encrypted data transfers

+ Easy Google Drive Synchronisation

+ Refund any time

Boxopus is a slightly above average in the Cloud torrent market. It is cheap and does a good job. And for $0,99 you can try them for yourself.